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      STUDIO LACAPRA stems from the desire of the founders to meet, along with their professional colleagues, the many needs of businesses and private individuals to whom it is addressed in terms of business support in labor.

       The firm, composed of Dr. Rosanna Lacapra and Labor Consultant Canio Lacapra, both specialized in labor consulting, with a long experience in labor law and social security, meets the client's needs through an interactive approach that makes it possible to identify specific and individual solutions for each client.
The high competence, which is guaranteed by a team of serious professionals, is accompanied by a friendly and personal relationship with each client and by the continued willingness to support him in identifying moments of any kind of work, even for those who have relationships with various institutional offices.
    To address this role, professionals have relied on the skills, expertise and organization of its human resources, thereby meeting the quality requirements of businesses. Client satisfaction, which is at the center of the activity, has been used to develop the resources already in possession, and has served as a stimulus for constant innovation, essential in this type of activity, so as to deal with different and always new "challenges" offered by our economic financial legal system using high tech computer tools.

      The consulting assignment - within the above-mentioned areas of expertise - will substantiate the performance of the following activities:

      ico Assistance in complete company management of every single aspect of labor relations ...

  • Advice and assistance in managerial and organizational authority of employees (through analysis of labor costs, check-ups for verifying and monitoring the correct contractual status and insurance contributions of employees); advice and assistance for the so-called administrative cases regarding pension, insurance and inspection bodies (any other claims are to be considered separately) and presentation of tax relief and financing announcements or employee tax credits (in collaboration with expert);
  • Communications on compulsory employment, 1st and 2nd level Framework Agreement, contract certification, activities within union and relations afferent to the above-indicated procedures, personnel support within company management and labor law, news on employment legislation;
  • Advice and assistance on employment contracts (preparation and / or drafting of contracts of employment, quasi-subordinate, self-employment, the so-called "flexible" contracts and so on.; facilitated hiring);
  • Monthly payroll processing, self-assessment INAIL; injury communications; employee recruitment / dismissal communications, family allowances, deductions, form 730 for leveling of wages of employees; annual elaboration of form 770, CUD, uniemens, executive and middle stage fund management; Separate Account;
  • Management of holidays, leaves, sickness, additional monthly payments, along with foreign personnel management;

      ico Support and information regarding tax and contribution relief ...

made available by various agencies and possibly usable in order to optimize resources and reduce (where possible) company costs.

      ico Staff management ...

even through the possibility of initiating disciplinary procedures and sanctions in case they differ from rules of conduct by employees, assistance to the employer in inspections, advice and assistance on labor disputes;

      ico Assistance on positions of particular complexity and importance ...

advice and assistance with employment and salary supplements, mobility Law 223-91, conciliation or transactions with the staff in industrial relations and trade unions relating to the procedures indicated.

2010 Studio Lacapra

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